The Story of John Gladman, Photographic Artistadmin
John Gladman, knew he wanted to be a photographer when he earned his photography badge as a young lad in Boy Scouts! To young Johnny, there was no question. During his high school years, he worked for the photography studio that he eventually ended up owning as his first studio. This was at age 22 and he has never been without his own studio since.
During his 30+ years of being a Photographic artist, John has realized his passion for the artistic side of photography… compositing images and creating Painted Photographic Art.  John now specializes in two distinct looks that feature his Painted Photography.
1. His Americana line is a Norman Rockwell inspired imagery. It’s all-American. It’s a lifestyle photography, memorializing events and moments common to every day life. From sports themes to parties, vacations, birthdays, or personal victories… both adults and children have fun with this wholesome and animated genre of Photographic Art.  John will create a lasting archival print to help you remember your special event!
2. Bombshell is a vintage pin-up genre covering many decades, from the 20’s to today. John’s pin-up portfolio is reminiscent of both Alberto Vargas and Gil Elvgren, depending on the theme. From sexy to demure, classically simplistic to playful, spirited scenes, all his pin-up images are tasteful yet sexy and fun, showing off the beautiful curves of the female form. All are brilliantly posed and lighted, with animated expressions coached by Carol Ann. When you see a Bombshell print in person, you will think it’s hand painted!
When John is involved, it is much more than photography. It’s a complete experience. It’s the print that lasts a lifetime, literally. Wouldn’t you love to have a print like these of your grandparents? It’s electrical energy and buzz. It’s a collaborative venture with John getting to know you and taking your wishes combined with his vision to create that final portrait. Yes, it’s still you, but it’s more if that’s possible. It’s kicked up and animated, because all art should be. Not that you aren’t more as you are. But how does one take WHO YOU ARE mixed with HOW YOU SEE YOURSELF mixed with a little bit of HOW YOU WANT TO BE SEEN and bring all this to life in one single image? No worries. John knows how to do this! Schedule your free consultation now to start creating your story!

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